Become teaching faculty

Each level of the JETS Workforce training programme has three elements to it, a training course being one of them. 



The ENDO1 training course which forms part of level one of the JETS Workforce programme, is a half day virtual training course. We require two faculty to teach each course. The demand for this course has grown rapidly and it is vital we can deliver the course to as many of the workforce as possible. Currently we have a membership of around 60 teaching faculty, and we are looking to grow this further. 

Requirements for becoming teaching faculty

Any senior endoscopy staff member wishing to become faculty will need to attend a faculty training workshop. This is a requirement to teach the JETS Workforce ENDO1 training course. For those who wish to become teaching faculty they will need to demonstrate that they have experience in workforce training, proven leadership and communication skills and a high level of self-awareness. There is set criteria that must be met, these can be viewed here

All expressions of interest are subject to approval by the JETS Workforce clinical lead, Phedra Dodds.

Key duties of role are:

Expressing an interest

Once you've read the document mentioned above and feel you meet the set criteria, please email us to express your interest. We will make note of your details and contact you when we plan our next faculty training workshop.

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