Each level of the JETS Workforce training programme has three elements to it, e-learning being one of them. 

Accessing e-learning

JETS Workforce e-learning content has been developed in collaboration with the HEE e-learning for health team. You can find the list of available modules on the e-learning for health endoscopy page

If you either work in the NHS, work with NHS patients or are in education, access to all endoscopy e-learning content is free of charge. If none of the above apply to you, don’t worry. Access to the modules can be licensed either through OpenAthens or through eIntegrity for a small fee. 

Further guidance on registering to start the modules can be found in our Getting started with e-learning guide.

Level one

To complete level one of the JETS Workforce training programme, all workforce members are required to complete nine e-learning modules. These modules have been designed to support you as you work your way through level one of the programme. Prior to attending the ENDO1 course, you will need to ensure that you have completed this mandatory e-learning. This is a prerequisite and your certificate should be forwarded to us ahead of the course taking place. If we do not receive the certificate from you, both the e-learning and training course elements of your level one training programme will be considered incomplete, and you will not be signed off.

The e-LfH platform is free to those that work in the NHS. Anyone that works at a private hospital will will need one of the following accounts to access the modules: OpenAthens, or eIntegrity. Both of these platforms incur a cost however are not managed by us.

There is one additional module, advanced decontamination, that has been designed for those who work in decontamination technician or equivalent roles. It can be accessed here.

  • There will be two e-learning modules to support the level 2 ENDO2 course. 
  • There will be three e-learning modules to support the level 3 ENDO3 course. 

These are all currently under development, with a view to be released by end of 2022. 

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