For endoscopy workforce

Getting started 

Before starting the JETS Workforce programme, you need to make sure your account is correctly set up and ready to go. This will vary depending on whether you have previously used the GIN or JETS programmes. 


Existing users

  • If you have previously used GIN, JETS or NED, you will already have a JETS Workforce account so please do not sign up for a duplicate account. Your JETS Workforce unit manager can locate your account and assign your respective JETS Workforce role. If there isn't yet a JETS Workforce unit manager at your service, please contact us instead. 

Note: if you haven’t used your account for over 12 months, it will likely need to be reactivated. In this case, please contact the JAG team.


New users

If you have never used GIN, JETS or NED before, you will need to be set up with a new account. There are two ways to do this: 

  • You can register for a new account yourself on our website. Once registered successfully, this will automatically give you, staff member access.
  • Your JETS Workforce unit manager can create a new account for you via their own ePortfolio.

Note: to avoid creating duplicate accounts leading to loss of data, always double check an account doesn’t already exist before creating a new one. 


Information for unit managers

JETS Workforce has four different roles which give varying degrees of access to the ePortfolio. As unit manager, you are able to add either new staff that aren't registered or staff who are registered but not yet linked to your site. 

Staff member

An endoscopy staff member using the competency framework. All clinical staff should have this level of access as everyone will need to complete their competencies including mentors and assessors. 


An experienced member of staff as determined by the unit manager; who is responsible for signing off a staff member’s evidence.


An experienced member of staff as determined by the unit manager who is responsible for completing a staff member’s final assessments. An assessor can also sign off evidence if required.

Unit Manager

An individual responsible for adding users to the ePortfolio and overseeing staff progress.

Key points to note:

  • Endoscopy staff members who are going through the competency framework should only have staff member access. 
  • Mentors and assessors will need additional levels of access, however, they should still have staff member access.
  • Remind your staff members to assign senior colleagues who will be supporting their training as mentors and assessors. 

Please read carefully and take any action requested - this message will not be shown the next time you log in