What's involved?

The JETS Workforce competency framework is supported by an online ePortfolio, a range of e-learning and several training courses, which complement each level of the training programme. 


The online ePortfolio

It holds endoscopy specific competency frameworks, direct observation of procedural skills (DOPS), witness statements, reflective statements, and long-term evaluation of trainer skills (LETS) that combine to create a platform for the endoscopy workforce to record and evidence their skills, knowledge, and abilities. JETS Workforce can be used by endoscopy staff irrespective of grade and title or level of experience.

The portfolio can be used to support appraisals as well as personal and professional development. It also supports and facilitates revalidation. Revalidation helps nurses, nurse associates and other health professionals demonstrate that they are able to practise safely and effectively. It can help encourage a culture of sharing, reflection and improvement and is a continuous process throughout professional careers. It is about promoting good practice across the whole population of nurses and nursing associates, as well as strengthening public confidence in the nursing profession (NMC 2021). 

The e-learning modules

They have been designed to be completed as part of each level of the competency framework. Developed by experts, they provide a mixture of didactic learning, reflection, and interactive activities. 

The training courses

They are developed to support the endoscopy workforce and complement the e-learning modules. These will be of benefit to both new and experienced staff. Further information on our training courses can be found in our Events page. 

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