About us

JETS Workforce is a training programme designed for the endoscopy workforce that is made up of three key elements:

JAG (Joint Advisory Group for endoscopy, which is part of the Royal College of Physicians), provides accreditation for endoscopy services as well as a range of quality improvement projects, which include the JETS Workforce (JETSW) programme. JETS Workforce ensures comprehensive and consistent training for the endoscopy workforce.

The JETS Workforce programme is designed to be used by a JAG registered service as a whole and not by a user alone. JETS Workforce comes with different levels of access depending on a user’s needs. These are:

Staff member: anyone wishing to work through the JETS Workforce programme to record competencies will require this level of access.

Mentor and assessor: each service needs to have their own mentors and assessors assigned to sign off any evidence and final assessment of competencies for their staff members.

Unit manager: each JAG service signing up to the JETS Workforce programme will require one or more JETS Workforce unit managers to be assigned. The role of the JETS Workforce unit manager can be taken on by someone non-clinical if required, as they would be responsible for overseeing everyone's progress but does not have the ability to review and sign off clinical competencies.

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