Meet the team

Dr Phedra Dodds

JETS Workforce clinical lead

Phedra has been chair of the Welsh Endoscopy Nurse Training faculty since 2015 and has focused on quality improvement as part of the national endoscopy team where she was lead nurse from 2002-2015. Phedra is responsible for providing leadership and direction for JETS Workforce and leads on the implementation of competency framework and training packages.


Cynthia Yim

JAG senior training coordinator

Cynthia is senior training coordinator for JAG. She is responsible for the smooth running of JAG training programmes, JETS and JETS Workforce. In her current role she is responsible for the delivery and development of the JETS Workforce training programme. She has a background in projects, training and assessments.

Fionnuala Burke

Accreditation unit administrator

Fionnuala is an administrator for JAG. She is responsible for supporting the endoscopy workforce through the JETS Workforce programme. She also oversees the accreditation of individual endoscopists, administers meetings and training days, whilst providing support to wider projects. Prior to joining the accreditation unit, Fionnuala worked as a teacher.

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