Why participate?

As part of JAG accreditation, endoscopy units need to demonstrate that there is a nominated training lead for the workforce, as well as policies and systems to ensure the workforce is appropriately trained and competent. This includes any additional service-specific education and training. All healthcare professionals involved in delivering direct patient care must have demonstrable competencies relevant to their role. This is detailed in the JAG Global Rating Scale (GRS).  To achieve this, JAG strongly recommends the use of JETS Workforce to support competency development and training. We have outlined some further benefits for services and why they should participate:

For the service

  • Improves monitoring of staff training and development, enabling more intelligent management of resource and identification of gaps in knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Provides standards for all staff to be trained to and assurance that staff have necessary skills.
  • Certification offers reward to those in post, supporting development of a team culture which should improve staff retention and encourage new starters to work in endoscopy.

For the workforce

  • Provides framework for training and clear standards to work towards.
  • Gives access to e-learning and training courses to support local training.
  • Increases confidence, job satisfaction and sense of achievement through gathering of evidence and attainment of final certification.

For patients

  • Promotes consistent, safe care by setting a minimum standard of training which all staff will receive.
  • Improves patient experience as competencies cover a broad range of technical and non-technical skills.

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