What's involved?

The JETS Workforce competency framework is supported by an online ePortfolio, a range of e-learning and training courses, which complement each level of the training programme. 

The online ePortfolio

The JETS eportfolio contains a list of all the competencies and sub competencies, related to each level. To evidence the competencies,  you are required to submit direct observation of procedural skills (DOPS), witness statements, reflective statements, and long-term evaluation of trainer skills (LETS) that combine to create a platform for the endoscopy workforce to record and evidence their skills, knowledge, and abilities. Such evidence once submitted is signed off by an assessor and/or a supervisor which are selected by the service using the portfolio. Once each sub competency has been submitted with evidence, your assessor or unit manager can sign you off.

The e-learning modules

They have been designed to be completed as part of each level of the competency framework. Developed by experts, they provide a mixture of didactic learning, reflection, and interactive activities. Visit our page which provides guidance on how to access the elearning modules.

The training courses

Each level has a training course to complement the elearning and competency framework. The courses are developed to support the endoscopy workforce and benefit both new and experienced staff. Details of the courses currently available can be access on our courses page.  

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