Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to our FAQs page. Here you will find our top five most common queries and their answers.

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How do I get started on JETS Workforce?

When you have registered for a JETS Workforce account you first need to ensure you have been assigned a role so that you are able to start assessments and upload evidence. As a staff member you should see the following tabs on your overview: Competencies, Evidence, Learning objectives, Mentors/Assessors and Training and e-learning.

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I don’t have a registering body, what should I input as my registration number on JETS Workforce?

If you are a health care assistant and you don't have a registering body, please use the following format:

  • HCA-Surname-Initials

For decontamination technicians please use the following format:

  • DeconTech-Surname-Initials

For assistant practitioners please use the following format:

  • AP-Surname-Initials

What is my JETS Workforce username and password?

Your username is usually your registration number, such as your NMC number, HCPC number or one of the following:

RoleRegistration number
 Health care assistantHCA-Surname-Initials
 Decontamination technicianDeconTech-Surname-Initials
Assistant practitionerAP-Surname-Initials

Your password should include the following:

  • At least 8 characters.
  • Have upper and lower case letters.
  • At least 1 number.

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How do I add my staff to the system?

To add staff members to your organisation on JETS Workforce, you will first need Unit Manager access.  If you are a unit manager and you do not have this level of access, please contact us to request this.

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Why am I unable to access any competencies or assessments when I login?

It is likely that you have not been assigned to any role yet on your JETS Workforce registration. Please speak to your unit manager to assign you the correct level of access.


Please read carefully and take any action requested - this message will not be shown the next time you log in