ENDO1 training course

The foundation and decontamination, ENDO1 training course has been designed to support the endoscopy workforce completing the complementary section of the JETS Workforce competency framework (level one). 

Course overview

The ENDO1 course launched in July 2019 in a face-to-face format and transformed to its current virtual format in 2020. The course is designed to be delivered through a combination of e-learning and a virtual training course. The 2.5 hour course will cover the below content:


Course information

The course is beneficial to both new and experienced members of the endoscopy workforce and is mandatory for those wishing to complete level one of the JETS Workforce programme. Each course is led by experts and provides standardised consistent learning. 

Course prerequisites

All workforce members are required to complete nine e-learning modules on the elearning for health website. These modules have been designed to support you as you work your way through level one of the programme. Prior to attending the ENDO1 course, you will need to ensure that you have completed this mandatory e-learning. Your certificate must be added to your profile before you attend the course. 

How to book on

Please visit our homepage to find the latest course offerings, dates and availability. The course is run two times a month, both in the morning and the afternoon.

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