Our competencies

JETS Workforce’s endoscopy-specific competency framework, has set competencies required to be met for each level of the programme before progressing to the next level. Each competency needs to be supported with evidence in the form of DOPS, witness statements, LETS or reflective CPD statements.

The completion of a competency is via a three stage process:

  • Self-assessment of competencies.
  • Completion of evidence to support assessments to be signed off by a mentor.
  • Final assessment to be signed off by an assessor.

Within each level is a number of sections with set competencies that need to be met.

Level one competencies 

Level two competencies

- in development

Level three competencies
Section one: FoundationSection three: Advanced endoscopySection four: Management and leadership
 1.1 Professional values and interpersonal effectiveness 3.1 Care of patients undergoing complex therapeutic upper GI endoscopy 4.1 Endoscopy unit management
 1.2 Communication and patient assessment 3.2 Care of patients undergoing complex therapeutic lower GI endoscopy
 4.2 Team leadership
 1.3 Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy (OGD)3.3 Care of patients undergoing placement of enteral feeding tubes
 4.3 Clinical leadership
 1.4 Lower gastrointestinal endoscopy (colon and flex sig)
 3.4 Care of patients undergoing ERCP
 4.4 Teaching 
 1.5 Infection prevention 3.5 Care of patients undergoing EUS
 4.5 Audit and use of data
Section two: Decontamination 3.6 Assisting with complex therapeutic upper GI endoscopySection five: Assessing clinical practice
 2.1 Decontamination – flexible endoscope manual cleaning

 3.7 Assisting with EMR

 5.1 Assessing clinical practice

 2.2 Decontamination – flexible endoscope – use of automated endoscope re-processors (AER)
 3.8 Assisting with colonic stent placement
 5.2 Giving constructive feedback
 2.3 Decontamination – storage of flexible endoscopes and accessories
 3.9 Assisting with ESD
 2.4 Preparation of the procedure room
 3.10 Assisting with placement of enteral feeding tubes
 2.5 Assisting with diagnostic upper GI gastrointestinal endoscopy
 3.11 Assisting with ERCP
 2.6 Assisting with diagnostic and simple polypectomy (<1cm) lower gastrointestinal endoscopy (colonoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy)
 3.12 Assisting with EUS
 2.7 Operation of diathermy
 3.13 Assisting with emergency GI bleeds 
 2.8 Nurse pre-assessment of patients undergoing diagnostic gastroscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy with/ without biopsy/ polypectomy
 2.9 Nurse confirmation of written consent for diagnostic gastroscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy with/ without biopsy/ polypectomy  



The detail


The pyramid above displays the breakdown of each level. Within each level lie different sections and within these sections, each competency is underpinned by clear and concise sub-competencies.

Being inclusive

The JETS Workforce programme has been designed to be made available to the whole endoscopy workforce. However, we recognise that some competencies may not be relevant to all roles, this it taken into consideration during the assessment process. 

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